Motorcycle Accidents

Medford Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Car or truck drivers not “seeing” motorcycles often leads to catastrophic and fatal injuries to a motorcyclist. On behalf of motorcycle accident victims, I assert their legal rights to recover monetary damages and hold negligent parties accountable.

At the Brian Law Firm, LLC, I work hard and employ all resources at my disposal on behalf of my clients suffering the pain of serious injuries or grieving the wrongful death of a loved one as a result of a motorcycle collision.

A Medford Motorcycle Accident Injury Attorney

Insurance companies are well-funded and powerful. They hire highly experienced and savvy claims adjusters and insurance lawyers whose job is to resolve your claim for as little as possible.

As your Medford motorcycle accident attorney, I counter their tactics and speed in getting to the accident site with a proactive, hands-on approach to your motorcycle accident claim. Crashes usually result from a car or truck turning left in front of an “unseen” motorcycle. I team with accident reconstructionists who specialize in motorcycle crashes. They analyze skid marks, scrapes and gouges on the road, and the damage to the car and motorcycle. From there, they convert that evidence to determine the speed and location of the negligent driver and the motorcyclist at the time of the collision.

If you have been injured on a motorcycle, immediate legal advocacy is vital. Gathering witness statements and physical evidence is only the start. You need a lawyer to help navigate you through a complex and often frustrating legal process.

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