Dog Bites

Medford Dog Bite Lawyer

Ownership of a dog requires attentive care and preventative action to avoid a possible attack. While some breeds have a vicious propensity, any type of dog can attack an adult or child and leave its victims with emotional trauma and significant injuries. That level of negligence requires the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.

A Medford Dog Attack Injury Attorney

I established the Brian Law Firm, LLC, to assert and protect the rights of Oregon residents victimized by a dog attack. Many dog owners feel confident that they can control their animal. Therefore, they believe a leash is not necessary. In a split second, that so-called “controlled dog” can attack and bite an innocent and unsuspecting passerby.

Whether you were mauled or witnessed an unrestrained dog biting your child, I work hard and employ all resources at my disposal for your dog injury claim. As your Medford dog bite attorney, I will work hard to obtain monetary compensation for you. You need compensation for the injury from the bite. Psychological issues will need attention if a phobia results from the traumatic incident.

Unlike other states, Oregon does not have an automatic “one free bite” rule. An attack is an attack. The breed of the dog is also a factor in your claim as some breeds are known for being more aggressive.

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