Accident and insurance victim

It’s stressful and time consuming enough to have to deal with injuries sustained in an accident, much less worrying about what information you should (and shouldn’t) provide upon demand to all the insurance companies involved and what compensation you have a right to expect. Mike Brian proved to be a calming buffer and a conscientious guard dog, protecting me from both insurance companies involved in my claim – – both the other company as well as my own!

Mike also motivated me to keep up with the things I needed to do to diagnose and address my injuries – – tests, physical therapy, examinations, etc. It would have been easy for me to become discouraged / resigned to chronic pain and I probably would have slacked off doing what I needed to do for myself or even with moving forward with my claim but for his assuring me that I was NOT making a mountain out of a molehill. As a result of his motivation, I believe that my recovery is as complete as it can be and the financial settlement I received reassures me that I have the funds available to continue treatment as needed.

Mike really was my champion through my whole ordeal and though I hope never to need the services of an attorney again, if I do, I look forward to having him in my corner.

Automobile accident victim

I was the victim of an automobile accident that left me with continuing medical problems. I was referred by a local attorney I know whose practice was in a different field of law to Mr. Brian.

I found Mr. Brian and his wonderful staff to be knowledgeable, efficient and caring in the process of getting my lawsuit settled. I without hesitation would enthusiastically recommend Mr. Brian and his staff.


Job well-done!

Dear Mr. Brian:

What an outstanding job you and your wonderful team did for me and my family. Right from the beginning when you sat me and my wife down in your office, you immediately gave us such relief, that we were in good hands. Lawreen and I were so impressed by your confidence in my case, that from the beginning to the end, you Mr. Brian had great control over the case. You impressed me with your zeal, your compassion, your positive influence, that I with my P.T.S.D., was able to “get out of the fog”, as you stated, and move on with my life. You and your secretary Marie did such a wonderful job keeping us informed to every detail of the case, and were so encouraging all the way through this ordeal. Lawreen and me, . . . “THANK YOU,” so very much.

You were able to win our case, and help us to receive a fair and much appreciated settlement. Mr. Brian, Marie and all the rest of your firm members, are a credit and blessing to your profession. I will recommend your firm to everyone I know. “Job well-done.” Again, my family thanks all of you for helping us. We don’t know what we would have done without your wonderful expert assistance in receiving justice in this unjust system.

Very truly, your friends

Automobile Accident Settlement

In March of 2008 I was involved in a bad automobile accident. The at-fault driver who caused the accident had insurance that was totally inadequate to cover the injuries I suffered. To add to that, the insurance company refused to accept my claim saying that because the driver was not licensed they were not required to cover the accident.

I knew I needed a lawyer and an attorney I knew recommended Mike Brian. When my family contacted Mike he consulted with me at the nursing home I was at for further rehabilitation.

The claim took over two years to settle, requiring Mike to travel out of state several times and take care of many other time consuming tasks. During that time he treated me more like a friend than client, always willing to talk with me and reassure that the nightmare would soon be over.

Needless to say the nightmare did end with a comfortable settlement. I will always be grateful that I met Mike and his wonderful family and staff.

Thank you so much,